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by Bryant Arnett
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Chaplin's 19th film for Keystone, released June 20th, 1914, was partially filmed in Echo Park, about a mile and a half down the road from the Mack Sennett Keystone Studio.  The bridge has been rebuilt since that time, and the trees have been replaced almost exclusively with palms.   This shot is taken on a small island that is now COMPLETELY covered with bird poo.

Echo Park - 1914Echo Park - 1999

I have not seen the film - I scanned the THEN shot from Charlie's "My Life in Pictures" but I have caught a glimpse of this same bridge in "Twenty Minutes of Love".  I have a strong suspicion that many, if not all, of the Keystone comedies which take place in a park may have been shot here in Echo Park, because of its close proximity to the studio.  If you have seen this same bridge in any other Chaplin film, please let me know.

The Bridge, Echo Park, Los Angeles c. 1915

This postcard is from the Echo Park Net website.  They have a wonderful collection of old Postcards and links to other historical picture collections, as well as a couple of interesting articles:

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